Why should I assume Copywriting Field—The answer is here

Freelance Creative writing is an industry from which people are making lots of money and earn money online. There are a lot of websites which are offering a big amount for Creative writing which can vary from 50 cent to 1 usd per word. Of course some of them pays off high amount as well.

What you basically need to earn money online? The answer is time and dedication. There are varied range of topics one can convert to money but it mostly depends upon how the writer cope with the use of keywords. There are many websites which one can use to earn money online.

  • The first one is listverse.com which offer writers to earn $100 per successfully accepted post. However, there are some limitations including words count that must be 1500 words and list type article format. Hence, one must be creative to earn money online on this platform.
  • The second noteworthy website is toptenz that pay $50 per article accepted by it. Like the previous website, this website also limits the writer to write in list format.
  • The third one is a list apart that pays $200 for an accepted article worth 1500 words. However the chances of being accepted are low since they publish fewer articles.
  • International living comes on fourth number and pays $75 each accepted article with the same guidelines. Most of the articles are related to travel industry based on the experience of the candidate.
  •  Fundsforwriters is another worth mentioning website which pay $50 for each article they accept. However, the niche is related to make money and Creative writing. The words limit here is from 500 to 600 words.

So, if someone wants to earn money online with Creative writing skills, these five websites give a lot of opportunities to make it happen. Perhaps, for being successful, proper copywriting training matters a lot.

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