Use Your Creative Writing Skills to Start Online Earning

I have been wondering from last few months what are the reasons people pay a lot of money on freelance websites for getting an article done using creative writing skills. Then I came across few websites which pay a lot of money for writing articles. So, being an experienced article writer, I tried my luck and that worked out.

  • The first website I explored is fundsforwriters which pay $50 for a single article. Nevertheless, for acceptance of the article, there must be specific niche as limited by the website. Similarly, the words count is also limited to merely 500 words that seems fine as far as article creative writing is concerned.
  • The second noteworthy website is uxbooth where an article can give you no less than $100 as they accept it. Sounds good? Yes but the drawback here is that it takes around eight weeks for the article to be accepted. So, we cannot list it in earn money online list.
  • Another one in the list is iwriter that can pay $15 per approved post. Though the amount is not that good but the guideline also seems less strict as compared to other website. They also don’t have any specific niche to limit you. Moreover, you are open to write as many articles as you want.
  • Textbroker comes at the fourth place which pays 5 cents/word. However, here your experience counts a lot. The website asks for a short sample and if the sample is approved, the ranking is given as 3 stars. You can increase your rank with hardwork and creative writing.
  • The fifth one is matador network which givens $60 per accepted post ranking as five star.  Again, it depends upon your ranking how much you can earn. The words count is though 1500 words per article but the payout is normally $20 to $25 per article.
  • And last but not the least; the penny hoarder is another option for you but a strict one because it is very hard to get page views on a landing page unless you are a marketing expert. Nevertheless, you can earn approximately $800 for page views.

To conclude the entire discussion, I can say that only through hardwork and creative writing, anyone can make million of dollars online. However, you need to be very patient in establishing your online business because this is not a one day job, it takes time for every business to give its maximum.




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