Copywriting—well the name itself states what a person is going to do while writing a copy but a copy that actually sells, is hard to develop unless you are an expert in Creative writing. A copywriter is a person who writes and sells his work in return of some gain. This gain can be anything from money to barter trading. However, in each case, the copy he produced is sold only if it has an exceptional quality and this quality is developed from few expert level practices.

In this tutorial, I am going to tell you how you can write an exceptional copy that sells and how to improve writing skills.

Rewriting technique:

The first and foremost technique about Creative writing is that you know how to remove plagiarism from the gathered data. When you start working on some topic, no matter if it is an academic paper or a simple article, you gather data. When you copy that data to your file, there are bright chances that this data cause plagiarism in your work. So rewriting is a technique that is used to keep the issue of plagiarism far from the developed copy.

When you write a copy, you have to keep in mind that no one pays for a copied work. In online earning industry, original work gets paid. So practicing before entering in this pool is very important.

Writing technique:

We discussed about how can you rewrite but when it comes to creative writing, it does not start from rewording the original sentences. You have to apply outline technique so that you can work within deadlines. For this purpose you have to take the topic, and then split this topic into several sub-topics, then researching and finding the data on internet. After gathering relevant data (which is also an expertise and art) you will have to apply rewriting techniques mentioned above. Remember to keep the information to the point. Do not copy more than three words to avoid plagiarism as well. Once you are done, you have to remove the headings which are created in order to split the topics. Once you are done, the last step is to proofread the work.  See the clip below how can you split the topic into several parts.

Different types of copywriting

Copywriting field is quite vast that if we assume one field, we have to take specific training to get complete mastery on content development n that respective field. Suppose, if you want to master yourself in resume writing field, you will have to take proper training on how can you write a proper resume. However, copywriting field is more than working within resume field.

If we do analysis of all the fields, it will appear that there are many other high paying subcategories apart from rewriting or writing contents. These subcategories include bibliography, wikipedia writing, article writing for directories, academic writing, research writing, journal article writing, ghost writing, book writing, creative writing, scriptwriting and much more. Hence, all these types of writings need proper training to come up with the current competitive needs in copywriting field.

Biography writing is a type of writing about a celebrity or a person who has done some exceptional deed in his life. Wikipedia writing is done for the most visited website of the word,  Similarly, the reason of article writing is to do search engine optimization of any website which someone wants to rank on some search engine.  Academic and research writing is the field where the writer has to write for academic or research purpose. As far as ghost writing and book writing is concerned, a writer writes a book or similar kind of work and sells its copyrights to the person who pays for such kind of work. Creative writing or script writing is a type of work where you have to use your skills in order to develop a plot, script or any story or fiction.

So before you start your career as copywriter and improve you creative writing skills, you will have to get proper training from a tutor or from some course.