How to do Structure Editing

Among five types of editing, structure editing is the second type of editing that is most complex and need extreme proficiency. while doing structure editing, you have to cope with three types of sentences. one is simple, second is complex and third is complicated one. in this post you will learn about all three of them.

Suppose you are reading a sentence lets say

“Pollution is the most complex issue for people nowadays”

This sentence is simple and can be used for articles. When we do copywriting for any simple genre, this type of language style is assumed. The reason behind using this simple style of writing is that our audience is always naïve and common people who are interested in reading some information not complex structure or scholarly work. However, remaining to the point and keeping the relevance is necessary in this type of writing style.

Now if  we will turn this sentence to complex and scholarly, what do you this how it will be written. Lets rewrite it

“Pollution has become the most complicated contemporary issue for nations.”

Now see the language of this sentence, isn’t it ample complicated? Or highly scholarly? Yes it is. You can use this sentence in your publication, paper, journal article or similar other type of writing.

The above example reveals two types of writing style. First is simple and second is complex sentence structure. The third type of sentence structure is complicated one and using is cause poor writing style. Lets rewrite the above sentence in complicated sentence structure,

“The most contemporary problem, apart from global warming, is pollution, causing concerns for nations.”

The above written sentence has a lot of complexities in it. for instance, there is excessive use of punctuation. The sentence is fragmented and broken in various short sentences. Similarly, the language and vocabulary is for scholars and educated person. A naïve reader cannot understand what is being said.

So these are the three types of sentences which a person has edited when he is doing any type of editing. Remember, practice makes a man perfect

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