A Brief Introduction to Proofreading

Proofreading is considered editing of a document. I have always thought that proofreading and editing are same thing. However, with the passage of time, I come to know that these two concepts are different from each other. In this article, I am going to elaborate what is proofreading and how one person can do proofreading of a document.


Proofreading is basically reading through a paper from grammatical perspective. A proofreader usually removes the grammatical errors through reading each sentence from grammatical perspective. it means he has to see different elements such as parts of speech, use of noun and pronoun, proper placement of adjectives and adverbs and much more. Lets take a example of proofreading here

Diana works fastly but James works slowly.

Do you think this sentence has some error? Yes when we proofread a paper, we come across a lot of such errors. This sentence has the error of using wrong adjective. “fastly” is not an adjective. Similarly, the word is wrong. We will define the use of adjectives according to the phonetics in our coming course.

The correct sentence will be

Diana Works very fast but james works slowly.

Now see the above given sentence, Is it correct? Ask to yourself. If your answer is yes then I must say you are not a good proofreader because during the proofreading process, you have to check the capitalization of the first word of noun. This sentence has error uf using small “j” while writing the noun “james”. When you will convert the “james” to “James” the error will be removed. Lets take another example here to clarify how proofreading works.

Diana works very fast but James works slowly, The CEO says that Diana is lady it is gender discrimination.

Now ask to yourself, is it a correct sentence? If your answer is yes then you are wrong again because this sentence is not having correct use of punctuation. There must be a ‘full stop <.> after the word “slowly” and a conjunction or full stop after the word “lady”. So the correct sentence will be:

Diana works very fast but James works slowly. The CEO says that Diana is lady. It is gender discrimination.


Diana works very fast but James works slowly. The CEO says that Diana is lady but it is gender discrimination.

So proofreading is also a complex process and need proper grammatical, vocabulary and punctuation training.



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